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Rational use of mobile phones seven points effectively prolong the standby time

2015-10-31 14:53:04

General phones standby time strictly nominal refers to in the ideal condition the longest standby time. This data is obtained under the special condition of the laboratory. So a lot of people always feel oneself are very without mobile phone use, with the nominal standby time. If you also often encounter this kind of situation, that is about to pay attention to how to effectively extend the key points of mobile phone standby time. 



S not often read the SIM card 



SIM card is large power consumption of mobile phones, mobile phone in order to avoid frequently read or find the information in the SIM card, Suggestions do not save too much content in the SIM card, so can speed up cell phone to read. Made with different process, on the other hand, the working voltage of different SIM card, and nature is the lower voltage, the save electricity. 



The function of s close not too important 



Any one of the mobile phone function is to power consumption, so in order to achieve the goal of energy saving, had better close or less with those less important functions, such as sound, the sound, the sound button operation, vibration and so on. And screen brightness, size of the ring, in does not affect the normal use of the circumstances shall be set in save electricity as much as possible. In addition, at the time of without mobile phone, it's best not to open the background light again and again. 



S to choose better quality of the battery 



As we know, the quality of the battery is good or bad will directly affect the effect of mobile phone standby, long standby time, good battery and original battery than third party manufacturers of the battery. Of course, the greater the capacity of the battery using the longer time is relative. However, the same battery may also be because of the different charging method and the use of time and the actual capacity of the differences. 



S master cell phone charging the right way 



For a new cell phone battery, began a few times all need long charging time, to ensure that mobile phone standby time is in the best state. If the first few times charge don't have enough time, then no matter how to continue to charge, can't let the standby time achieve the longest. New battery after the buy back, must want to ensure that the battery power completely after running out of battery for continuous charging, and in every time charging, ensure that the battery power is full, then to use. 



S as far as possible don't in the place where the base station far from mobile phone use 



As long as the boot state, mobile phone will be regularly and network communication, so as to keep in touch with the network, so the network and mobile launch receiving system influence on the standby time is also very big. The launch of mobile phone power is according to the situation of the received signal automatic adjustment, the mobile phone or further away from the base station is in the shadow of the signal, in waves or weak signal overlap area, mobile phone must be mingled with large transmission power, the power consumption will increase the natural. 



S in bad weather or closed environment, reduce the frequency of use your cell phone 



Wind, rain and other weather will influence the communication quality, at the time, mobile phone is through the method of increasing communication power to ensure that call, this will also increase power consumption. In addition, the elevator, subway, train, underground passage enclosed places, such as weak signal, also can increase the power consumption. 



S move on as far as possible don't use a mobile phone 



Move on as far as possible don't use a mobile phone. When you drive or take the train to travel from one place to another place, if you use mobile phone, the consumption of the battery will be very amazing. Because the mobile phone is from a network node to another node, on the phone constantly search, connected to a new area of communication networks, the battery power was slipping away. If cell phone antenna performance is not good at this moment, will more. 

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